Cultural Events

Club members should preserve, practice and perpetuate the history and customs of Hawai’i, such as the hula – dance, mele – song, oli – chant, and mo’olelo – traditions. Members should also encourage the learning and use of the ‘ōlelo Hawai’i – Hawaiian language, both oral and written.

Prince Kūhiō Day

The territorial Legislature passed a resolution in 1949 designating March 26 as a holiday in honor of Prince Kūhiō. The club honors their patron with a month-long celebration each March. Members participate in construction of the Mo’i float for the Kūhiō Day parade. They also decorate the vehicles that members ride in the parade, as well as attending the services at Mauna’ala, the Royal Mausoleum.

Kamehameha Day

In 1871, Kamehameha V designated June 11 as Kamehameha Day in honor of his grandfather, Kamehameha I. The Prince Kūhiō club participates in many of the ceremonies such as the Mo’i float construction, the Kamehameha Day floral parade, and lei draping of the statues of Kamehameha located in Hawai’i and in Washington D.C.